File # 1 feat. James Edmonds (The Foundry, London/UK)

The first colloboration show of the duo "St. & St." at The Foundry is about communication, also they explore and question the content and sense of beaurocratic systems.
In the first room of the vaults they set up an environmental installation where people are invited to take part.
In the second room Stephanie Gerners work "in touch in distance in between" (a photographic installation) is situated.

The featured artist James Edmonds (UK) shows his artwork called Sound Files. This piece will act as both a conspicuously integrated sculptural element within the concept of the installation and as a soundtrack to the experience of the exhibition.

Pictures from the set-up:

Pictures from the show:

The removal of the installation:

After the show ended, James Edmonds collected the inscribed copies for the archiv, the images show the copies which were left blank.