Und jetzt?! (2022)


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Und jetzt?!

In einer Gegenwart veränderter und sich stetig weiter ändernder Narrative, versteht sich die Ausstellung als eine konzeptionelle sowie poetische Annäherung an eine zerbrechlich erscheinende Realität.

Wo liegen die Möglichkeitsräume der Transformation des Geschehens und Erlebens in einer sich ausdehnenden „Zeit der Krise“?

Wie reagieren Kunst und Künstler auf die Veränderungen im Spannungsfeld von Verinnerlichung und äußerem Druck?

Die Ausstellung verhandelt das Abtasten und Abwägen der eigenen Mittel, das Begreifen der Umstände sowie eine vorsichtige Suche nach Balance.

Im Taxi-Kundencenter der Taxi Berlin TZB GmbH, einem fast schon allegorischen Orts des Transits, der kurz vor dem Abriss steht, präsentierte das Künstler-Team „St. & St.“ im Juli 2022 acht Ansätze nationaler und internationaler KünstlerInnen, die sich in unterschiedlichen Genres mit dieser Thematik beschäftigen.

Teilnehmende Künstler*Innen:

Associates Associates - Anja Jaworska, Zack Ostrowski (Chicago) | Michael Ebert (Berlin) | Beverly Fresh and Wild Amercian Dogs (Chicago) | Stephanie Gerner (Berlin) | Stephan Halter (Berlin) | Viktoria Ikonen (St. Petersburg) | Nobushige Kono (Hiroshima) | Thomas Monses (Berlin) 

OrtTaxi Kundencentrum, Persiusstr. 7, 10245 Berlin, close to S-Ostkreuz

Eine Kooperation mit Transiträume, Taxi Museum Berlin und Taxi Berlin


Und jetzt?! (And now?!)

In a present of changed and continuously changing narratives this exhibition is to be understood as a conceptional as well as a poetical approach towards a fragile-looking reality.

Where are the possibility spaces to transform the happenings and the experiencing of an expanding “time of crisis”?

How do art and the artists react to the changes between the poles of internalisation and external pressure?

The exhibition negotiates the sensing and weighing of one's own resources, the comprehension of the circumstances and a careful search for balance.

In the Taxi-Customer-Service-Center of Taxi Berlin TZB GmbH, an almost allegoric space of transit, which is about to be demolished, the artist-team St. & St. presented in July 2022 eight basic approaches of national and international artists working in different genres and adressing the topic.

Participating artists:

Associates Associates - Anja Jaworska, Zack Ostrowski (Chicago) | Michael Ebert (Berlin) | Beverly Fresh and Wild Amercian Dogs (Chicago) | Stephanie Gerner (Berlin) | Stephan Halter (Berlin) | Viktoria Ikonen (St. Petersburg) | Nobushige Kono (Hiroshima) | Thomas Monses (Berlin)

Venue: Taxi Kundencentrum, Persiusstr. 7, 10245 Berlin, close to S-Ostkreuz

A cooperation with Transiträume, Taxi Museum Berlin and Taxi Berlin.


Installationview Michael Ebert "Presentation" 

Michael Ebert: “Presentation”
Installation for the exhibition “Und jetzt?!” (And now?!)
The fragile construction shows a ladder on 2 metal braces on a rotary plate. Balloons are fixed with clamps.
The melancholic as well as absurd image of the installation accompanies the building in it's last breathes before being demolished, like a party before the end, a start into an uncertain future or an orbituary.
Michael Ebert (born 1977) of German-French origin studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (2001-2005) audiovisual art. His artistic work involves installations, soundart (as member of the Ebertbrothers collectiv) as well as video-art productions and lyric.
His works were shown over the years at numerous international venues and festivals.
Installationview Beverly Fresh and Wild American Dogs (left), Associates Associates (middle) and Viktoria Ikonen (right)

Associates Associates
Associates Associates is the name of the artist-duo Ania Jaworska and Zack Ostrowski, founded in 2020. Both artists studied at the Cranbrook University. 
Framed risography

Beverly Fresh and Wild American Dogs
Under the title “A Scene from the Floating Slab” Beverly Fresh (as member of Wild
American Dogs) shows a clip from the eponymous movie in the form of a multimedia
The shown fragments of the unfinished movie – contingent on the pandemic – explore
the restless psyche of Bry'n Lambert a small town real estate agent in the Mid West.
The protagonist is a filmic archetype on whom the stability of the self, the “fixed” termsof home and homeland as well as the motivation of the American Dream from the perspective of the Mid West are deconstructed and questioned.
Wild American Dogs (founded 1980 in the Mid West of the USA) consists of the artist-duoBeverly Fresh & The Crooner. In all their experimental works they collaborate with the philosopher “The Whisper (H. Peter Steeves).Beverly Fresh studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Art,The Crooner at the University of
California in Santa Barbara and The Whisper at the Indiana University.
Installationview Viktoria Ikonen "DISCREPANCIES"

Viktoria Ikonen
The shown work consists of a printed image of one of my b/w landscape paintings with the word “DISCREPANCIES” in the middle.
It is all about multiple layers of discrepancies on various scales here and there, with which I sometimes feel getting lost: imbalance between imagery and reality, friction between artificiality and forthrightness, incompatibility between hope and fear. While observing strangely undisconnected ruptures between ghosts of trees on a water surface and the trees themselves on a riverbank, I tend to think about my own strangely undisconnected ruptures.
Photography printed on canvas, 50x60cm (2022)
Viktoria Ikonen (born 1986 in Leningrad) studied at the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg.

Installationview Nobushige Kono
Nobushige Kono
Nobushige Kono (born 1985, Hiroshima) is an interdisciplinary artist, who deals with a wide range of subject matters, while considering the theme of "co-existence" as a foundation.
His works have been exhibited in various public and private spaces worldwide. He
studied sociology at Keio University in Tokyo and photography/video at School of Visual Arts in New York.
Kono's piece for "Und jetzt?" contains a pile of copy paper packs on a body weight
meter. The pile consists of 30 packs of A4 paper, which in sum weighs about 60 kg that is approximately the artist's body weight.
This piece can be seen as a materialization of his obsessive vision stimulated by video footage of a blank sheet of A4 paper held by a man in a public space in the largest country in Eurasia, who was eventually taken away on camera. The vivid image of the white sheet repeatedly comes back to the artist and floats through a dim part of his being, like a white petal of an unknown flower streams down a dark river; it appears and disappears, re-appears and re-disappears; it is there and not there.
Instagram: @nobushige_kono
Installationview Stephanie Gerner "Vom Verorten"

Stephanie Gerner
My work series “Vom Verorten” (From locating; 2022) is made up from analogue 35mm
photographies which resulted in a time of personal crisis.
It brings up the question of an opportunity to dissociate from what is out of control as well as finding a new stability within the unexpected chaos.
“From locating” is a lyrical examination with the own fragility and powerlessness within a foreign terrain, in which one is blundered into, trying to orientate oneself as well as possible to gain a new position in the here and now.
For the exhibition “Und jetzt?!” (And now?!) I fragmented the photography “Am Zirkus” (At the circus) and printed it on several Hahnemühle Rag Din A4 paper sheets.
Those are placed on steel needles with Neodym magnets and are presented as
splintered image.
Stephanie Gerner (born 1977) has studied essayistic photography at fas-Academy Berlin - Fotografie am Schiffbauerdamm (2003-2006)

Installationview Thomas Monses “Untitled (Lippo Towers)”

Thomas Monses
The work “Untitled (Lippo Towers)” is a painterly examination especially with the topic of “venture architecture”: a superficially inapproachable, featureless architecture which primarily was realised for capital ventures.
The Lippo Towers in Hong Kong are an obvious symbol for this imposition to me.
In the light of straitened circumstances in urban metropolises such buildings represent serious vacancies of our social structure. In context with my work they allegorically signify an uncertain urge for something that is missing. As an artistic element suchlike vacancies are part of my whole artistic oeuvre.
Also in this work some parts are vacant (unpainted) so the image carrier – a grainy, ochre-coloured HDF board – stays visible. Besides the work is deliberately kept abstract; a constructive counterdraft towards an affirmative, representative perception of depiction.
Acrylic paint, gouache and shellac on HDF, 180 x 150 x 1,9cm (2016) 
Thomas Monses (born 1975 in Papenburg, Germany) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld
Academy in Amsterdam (2001-2005).
Installationview Stephan Halter “Diaries"

Installationview Stephan Halter “Diaries"

Installationview Stephan Halter “Worldmap"

Stephan Halter
Stephan Halter (born 1977) deals in his millimetercuttings, he started in 2009, with questions of daily routines, repetition in itself, the investment of time and the general value of labour.
His millimetercuttings are an expression of processuality. Millimetre by millimetre he reflects and deals with his daily concerns. In a very limited space he used his scalpel to slice open potential open spaces.
At the exhibition “Und jetzt?!” (And now?!) he presents his first ever created millimetercutting “Worldmap” (2009) and seven works of the “Diaries” series.
“Diaries” will be installed as an airy, floating installation on silk threads in front of the window facade expanding into the space.
The compilation of both works question the negotiation of the alleged own microcosm in
terms of the big picture.

Image of the Opening "Und jetzt?!"(2022)