FILE ME - video installation at aquabitArt, Berlin

In their new video-installation FILE ME St. & St. question the flux of information, aswell as the consequences of hierarchic and buerocratic systems.

Opening: November 19th, 7pm
Location: aquabit, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte (U-Rosenthaler Platz)
Exhibition from November 19th - December 2nd

Benjamin Piltz - AUREALITY Installation
Open: 14h-02h
VIDEO SPECIALS: weekly author presentations
Lan Hungh, Juan Arata, St. & St., SSMIDD, Contantin Hartenstein

Vernissage: 22. October 2010, 19h
Exhibition: 22. October - 25. December 2010
Open: Thur-Sat 14-18h

The interactive light boards of Benjamin Piltz - AUREALITY installation work with a link from various sensors and colored LEDs.
Capacitive sensors in the surface of the panels measure the electric field of the environment and the direct contact (even through window glass) and generate web-like pattern.
The images are reminding natural phenomena and have a calming effect on the viewer.

The installation is accompanied by weekly-change presentations by five Berlin video artists:

22.10. Group exhibition

05.11. LAN Hugh
12.11. JUAN Arata
19.11. St. & St.
03.12. SSMIDD
10.12. CONSTANTIN Hartenstein
17.12. Group exhibition until 24.12

Art exhibition or art interaction?
Does the size of the screen match the size of your expectations?
Perfection on media means perfect media?
How many dpi has your eye?
Remote control or just control?

When we met to discuss the concept of the Touch Me Project
we found out it would be better to put questions rather than
answers. We also found out that we wanted to create a game
using old TV´s as building blocks and use them to show digital
videos on analog screens. Every week during a nine weeks
span each artist will create a new TV-set-show in several
senses, a configuration and information of space. Streaming
images and pixels, painting the color of the room with electricity.
The game is open starting right now.